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The Industry's Most Comprehensive Patient-Centric Suite

At Signant Health, we want to help you use technology to seamlessly connect your research programs into the flow of patients’ every day. The simpler we make it for patients to participate in a trial, and for your study teams and sites to run one, the easier it is to ensure quality, improve efficiency and provide data and analytics you will trust. Blending our solutions into the background simplifies every step of the patient journey and enables patients to provide the honest insights your research deserves. That’s why we have created one unified suite – supported by expert developers, project managers, data analysts, scientists and clinicians – that improves key aspects of clinical research from planning and startup through closeout and beyond.

Patient Data

Capture and manage the reliable eCOA data you need from patients, sites and raters around the world with the industry’s most comprehensive and user-friendly platform used on over 10,000 clinical trials worldwide.

Patient Experience

Improve retention and reduce protocol deviations with eConsent and Patient Engagement solutions that increase satisfaction and make it easier for patients to participate in your trials.

Clinical Supplies

Streamline trial deployment timelines with the industry’s most dynamic IRT and reduce cost by up to 20% with enterprise-wide clinical supply chain management that transforms efficiency and eliminates waste.

Endpoint Quality

Uncover the insights hidden in your data. Select optimal sites and scales, ensure consistency with rater training, proactively identifying data inconsistencies, and work with an experienced team of clinicians and scientists.

Why Signant Health?

Your trials need more than technology to succeed. We stand behind our dynamic solutions to serve as an extension of your study team with therapeutic area expertise and operational support you can trust. According to our customers, here’s what sets us apart:

Agile Platform

Partnering closely with study teams, patients, and sites to develop new and refined solutions they actually want to use.

Therapeutic Expertise

Providing the solution design and clinician-led scientific support you need for your unique patient population.

Operational Scale

Managing success for trials of all sizes from individual single-site studies to enterprise-wide global programs.

Global Reach

Supporting country-specific regulatory requirements, worldwide logistics and sites/ patients in local languages.

We’re Ready to Help

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