Protocol & Study Design Consulting

Safeguard your investment by leveraging our industry-leading scientific and medical experts to ensure optimal protocols and study designs to drive high quality clinical evidence and signal detection.

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Optimize study design & outcome measurement strategy

Improve accuracy & reliability

Rater training and qualification performed by our clinical and scientific experts standardizes assessments and reduces intra- and inter-rater variability.

Determine optimal measurements

Ask our medical and scientific experts to assist with COA selection, adaptation and implementation.

Successful clinican ratings studies rely on Signant experts:


Outcomes Science

Each solution or service we offer includes advisory support from our eCOA science team to ensure strategy is aligned with protocol objectives.

Science & medicine therapeutic area expertise

Our in-house team of recognized experts advise on a wide array of therapeutic areas from Neuroscience to immunology to oncology, cardiology, dermatology, rare and orphan diseases, and everything in between.

End-to-end delivery

Technical solutions are delivered by the industry’s most experienced, multi-disciplinary project teams to guide your study from inception through regulatory submission.  

 Why choose Signant SmartSignals? 

At Signant Health, we do not provide technology for technology’s sake. We leverage our scientific expertise, experience, and global resources to deliver high quality data in your studies. Our collaborative approach to advisory and consulting combines decades of experience in clinical trial technology with expert guidance to ensure your protocol leads to successful delivery of primary and secondary endpoints.


What are clinical trial protocols?

Clinical trial protocols are documents that describe the objectives, design, methodology, statistical considerations and aspects related to the organization of clinical trials. Clinical trial protocols provide the background and rationale for conducting a study and outline specific research questions that need to be addressed.

What is clinical trial protocol compliance?

Clinical trial protocol compliance can refer to patient or clinician adherence to the study requirements as outlined in the protocol. This can include taking medication every day or completing required assessments.

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