SmartSupplies® Inventory Management

Digitally control, track and trace your full clinical supply chain

The Future Is Bright for Clinical Supply Inventory Management

SmartSupplies® Inventory Management is built exclusively for the clinical supply chain to help you achieve consistency and automation across global processes. It’s made to eliminate error-prone, poorly traceable processes—a common result of using tools that are not fit-for purpose or of having disaggregated outsourcing partners. The software specializes in labeling, distributing, managing and reconciling clinical supplies, regardless of internal and external supply chain strategies.

Digitizes your
entire clinical
supply chain

It’s an end to end, fully traceable system to manufacture, pack, label, distribute, QA/QP release, return and destroy clinical supplies.

inventory visibility
and traceability

With integrations to ERP, IVR, CTMS, IRT and 3rd party packagers, distributors, and CMOs you get unparalleled visibility into your clinical supply chain.


It is fully validated and GxP, Annex 13 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. It validates data at each step in the process and provides a full audit trail. 

SmartSupplies Is Modular

Its capabilities are available standalone or as a fully integrated solution:

1. Forecasting and Planning modules

Dynamically forecast, and then graphically represent optimal manufacturing plans using data from the SmartSupplies Forecasting module or another source.

2. Core Inventory modules

Planning, Materials and Distribution (PMD). Collaborate and control the investigational supply process in a centralized, secure and compliant way.

Warehouse Management System. Enables the PMD functionality in a hand-held PDA.

3. Pack and Label modules

Electronic Batch Record. Electronically configure, execute, and reconcile manufacturing batch records.

Label Routing and Approval. Maintain and approve a repository of phrases and translations.

Label Design and Print. Design and print labels in all languages and styles.

4. External Integrations

External Reporting, System Integrations and CRO/Depots. Integrate with CMOs, external inventory systems, and reporting platforms to gain real-time visibility across disparate systems.

5. Clinical Interface module

Reconciliation, Accountability and Returns. Gain full traceability into site-level reconciliation and returns.

What Our Experts Have to Say

With SmartSupplies you’ll have the comfort of knowing lot recall functionality and full traceability is only a click away. Oliver Cunningham, CSCP, MChem, Director of Client Enablement

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