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Can your clinical supply chain match the sophistication of its commercial counterpart?

Accurately forecasting clinical supply and demand is critical but often complicated by protocol changes, undefined doses, unexpected recruitment rates, batch failures, and non-availability of raw materials, to name a few. SmartSupplies® Forecasting & Planning is the industry’s only fully integrated, enterprise-wide solution that puts you in full control of your clinical supply chain. It dynamically forecasts, then graphically represents and suggests optimal manufacturing plans.

Reduce supply overages and associated costs

With risk-based scenario planning at the study and program level, you can save 10-20% on your annual budgets, like AstraZeneca.

Make better manufacturing decisions

Dynamic graphs, fed with live enrollment metrics, display your latest projections across trials and programs, ensuring optimal manufacturing plans.

Reduce effort
required to build forecasts

Unlike other solutions that require many pre-study assumptions, our forecasting system works with only a few inputs and is easy to update anytime.

Take control of your clinical supply forecasting and planning process

Make forecasting easy.

The system uses live enrollment metrics to model clinical material supply and demand for a protocol or aggregated across a program. It facilitates risk-based manufacturing planning whereby lot-based scenarios consider factors such as expiry dating, expected yields, lead times, and asset capacities. A time-phased demand schedule is generated by the system which can be easily shared throughout the organization.

Visualize plans.

The system’s color-coded graphs are dynamically updated with real-time forecast data pulled in directly from the SmartSupplies Forecasting module or via any other sources such as simulations, Excel, and SAP. They graphically display the latest projections and changing demand.

Visualize the latest supply and demand at the project and program level

AstraZeneca made the enterprise-wide switch from Excel to SmartSupplies and saved millions. Learn how.

What Our Experts Have to Say

There are no other products that integrate enterprise-wide forecasting, planning and inventory management, like SmartSupplies does for your clinical supply chain. Oliver Cunningham, CSCP, MChem, Director of Client Enablement

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