Sensors & Wearables

Capture objective clinical outcomes data in real-world settings

Embrace the potential of mobile sensors and wearable devices

Mobile sensors and wearable devices provide a unique opportunity to collect valuable insights into the effects of treatment beyond routine clinic visits, and they can provide a rich source of objective data to inform drug development and regulatory decision making.

The Signant Sensors & Wearables solution is delivered via TrialMax®, our industry leading eCOA platform, providing you with a simple way to collect and review objective outcomes data captured remotely in real-world settings.

Flexible approaches to
data acquisition

Our methodologies include direct device integration via Bluetooth, cloud-to-cloud integration and interoperability with companion mobile apps.

Near real-time alerts to improve patient monitoring

The TrialMax platform provides notifications through the patient’s mobile device. For example, it can flag a safety risk or poor wear compliance.

Simple for sites and patients to use

Our single platform approach to capturing sensor and wearable data via TrialMax, makes it easy for patients and sites to use and simplifies workflows.

How Signant Health can help you with sensors and wearables

Whether your goal is to study a new endpoint, remotely monitor patient data, collect data at more frequent intervals, or conduct a virtual, site-less study, our Sensors & Wearables solution is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals.


We offer out-of-the-box, regulatory compliant integrations between the TrialMax eCOA platform and a range of devices:


  • Flash glucose monitors
  • Continuous glucose monitors
  • Blood glucose meters
  • Spirometers
  • Smart inhalers
  • Sleep monitors
  • Activity monitors


This platform approach improves trial management and patient adherence. Sponsors and sites can review and monitor sensor data alongside eCOA data. It also allows objective patient data to be actioned in near to real-time, improving patient adherence to your protocol’s remote sensor requirements by sending data-driven notifications and alerts to patients.


Signant’s scientific experts remain on the forefront of methodological thinking on the selection and validation of sensors and wearables to support clinical drug development and regulatory decision making. Ask us how we can help you collect objective real-world data today.


What Our Experts Have to Say

While the future for sensors in research may be limitless, Signant’s clinicians and scientists are here to support the practical application your study endpoints require today. – Bill Byrom, PhD

We’re Ready to Help with Sensors & Wearables

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