Scientific & Clinical Consulting

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Maximize the reliability of your outcomes data

Set your study up for success by engaging our Scientific & Clinical Consulting team, comprised of internationally renowned leaders in evidence-based site selection, rater training and certification, protocol consultation, advanced predictive data analytics, and central review. Our team has delivered quality results in thousands of clinical trials ranging in size from 10 to 25,000 patients.

Select the
optimal sites

Using historical quality and performance metrics, we can help you select the right sites and raters for your study.

Ensure enrollment
of only appropriate patients

We verify subject eligibility, conduct independent review of inclusion/exclusion criteria, validate the diagnosis, and confirm symptom severity.

data precision

We offer protocol design recommendations and a global network of central reviewers and raters who conduct scoring of site-based interviews and ratings.

Get Access to Unparalleled Scientific & Clinical Expertise

You can choose from a range of solutions that will enhance your data quality.

Scientific advisory and consultation services.

Our in-house, full time therapeutic area experts advise on everything from design to outcomes.

Evidence-based site selection.

Using historical quality and performance metrics we can help you select the right sites and raters.

Scale management. 

You’ll receive protocol design recommendations on central services, scale versions and outcomes.

Subject eligibility and diagnostic review. 

We help make sure each subject is appropriate for your study by performing an independent review of inclusion/exclusion criteria, validation of diagnosis, and confirmation of symptom severity.

Central rating, central review, and central scoring.

Our global clinical consultant network of independent central reviewers and raters are trained, certified, and continuously calibrated. They conduct central scoring of site-based interviews, remotely administered interviews and ratings of patients at a site or at patients’ homes.

Endpoint reliability.

Our team of clinicians examines the data using statistical risk-based quality metrics to identify anomalies, administration errors, and areas for concern. These issues are then discussed with the sponsor and timely remediation is initiated.

What Our Experts Have to Say

When you choose our consulting services, you’ll work with therapeutic experts who have a proven track record of addressing challenges just like yours. Scientific & Clinical Consulting Advisors

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