Rater Training & Data Quality Monitoring

An industry-leading platform proven to increase rater reliability

Set Your Data Quality Standards High

It only takes a handful of poorly administered clinician or patient ratings to be problematic for your study data quality. Why not be sure your raters get the best training and you have tools to monitor data for inconsistencies while your study is ongoing? Rater Training & Data Quality Monitoring includes a customized rater training program, validated assessments, analytics, and central review solutions that will enable you to exceed your data quality expectations.

Ensures accurate
scale administration

Using our case-oriented training approach, we’ll target areas commonly scored erroneously to increase the accuracy and reliability of ratings.

scoring across raters

We assess raters and calibrate scale administration and scoring at study start, and as needed. This optimizes inter-rater reliability and reduces variance.

Monitors data quality

We use state of the art methodologies such as central review and analytics to ensure rater accuracy and calibration throughout the study.

Rater Training & Certification Anytime, Anywhere

We offer training and certification on-demand via an online platform called Learning Zone, or live at your investigator meeting (IM). The Learning Zone is an intuitive interface that deploys secure, validated trainee programs and assessments globally. Our training focuses on adherence to scale rules, reduction of placebo response, improved interview technique, and the use of annotated anchor points to increase accuracy and reliability of ratings.

Data Quality Monitoring

Our advanced analytics solution helps you extract insights from your data (including eCOAs, audio and video files, worksheet reviews, diagnostics, and IVR/IWR systems) to identify quality issues such as bias, errors, fraud, etc.

Our global clinical consultant network of independent central reviewers and raters are trained, certified, and continuously calibrated. They conduct central scoring of site-based interviews (such as quality assessments of audio or visual interview recordings) and central ratings of patients at a site or at patients’ homes.

What Our Experts Have to Say

What makes our Rater Training and Data Quality Monitoring different is that its methodologies have been extensively studied by industry leaders and proven effective.Signant Health Scientific & Clinical Consulting Advisors

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