Patient Data

Capture data via eCOA and connected devices in a way that is scientifically and clinically sound.

Take advantage of our 20 years of eCOA experience

Whether you’re using eCOA to collect primary or secondary endpoint data or to evaluate a novel endpoint, sacrificing quality is never an option. Researchers choose TrialMax® eCOA for its proven track record of delivering excellence in science, operations, and regulatory compliance. It leverages the latest technology to offer a collaborative design experience via TrialStudio™, efficient data capture via web, provisioned devices or an app (to support a BYOD model), and advanced reporting and analytics.


Ensure eCOA data integrity and quality by leveraging our 20 years of experience. Enhance your ePROs with real-world patient data using TrialMax Connected Devices.


Maximize the accuracy and reliability of your clinician-rated endpoint data with TrialMax. It offers advanced capabilities for scale administration, edit checks, and audio video capture.