Patient Data

Capture data via eCOA and connected devices in a way that is scientifically and clinically sound.

Take advantage of our 20 years of eCOA experience

Whether you’re using eCOA to collect primary or secondary endpoint data or to evaluate a novel endpoint, sacrificing quality is never an option. Researchers choose TrialMax® eCOA for its proven track record of delivering excellence in science, operations, and regulatory compliance. It leverages the latest technology to offer a collaborative design experience via TrialStudio™, efficient data capture via web, provisioned devices or an app (to support a BYOD model), and advanced reporting and analytics.


Ensure eCOA data integrity and quality by leveraging our 20 years of experience. It’s accessible on any device type, includes robust reminders, and has been tested for usability.


Maximize the accuracy and reliability of your clinician-rated endpoint data with TrialMax. It offers advanced capabilities for scale administration, edit checks, and audio video capture.

Sensors & Wearables

We offer integrations to blood glucose and respiratory function monitors, and other sensors, providing you with a simple way to remotely capture outcomes data in real-world settings.