IRT, powered by CUBE

An industry-trusted solution that lets you implement protocol requirements in half the time of a traditional IRT

Game-Changing Delivery Using Our Proprietary CUBE™

Signant Health IRT is a quick-deploy solution for managing randomization and clinical supplies, trusted by leading life science companies for more than 20 years. Its proprietary deployment framework, CUBE™, which stands for Configuration by User Based Experience, is a game-changing delivery method. It offers the industry’s fastest system setup process while ensuring your most complex requirements are accurately implemented by leveraging our system visualization tool.

2x faster delivery & 50% faster mid-trial changes

We can deploy your IRT system in 1 to 4 weeks from the initial kick-off meeting and use the same process to implement protocol amendments.

50% less study team effort required at startup

We save you time during startup by providing configurable checklists, allowing you to skip hours of design calls and source document reviews.

100% satisfaction that your requirements align

You can visualize your system as it’s being configured, eliminating risk and ensuring the system we launch matches your requirements perfectly.

A simpler, faster IRT Deployment

The CUBE™ methodology is an iterative process that leverages a comprehensive library of pre-validated functionality and custom features built on-demand to meet the needs and complexity of any clinical study, including those with complex randomization schemes, advanced dosing schedules and custom requirements.

The CUBE™ pre-validated configuration modules and agile implementation methodology allows for 2x faster IRT launch.

2x Faster IRT Launch When Deployed with CUBE™

Compatible with other data systems.

Integrations between Signant’s IRT and your study’s other data systems (EDCs, ePROs, CTMSs, etc.) will be up and running for launch. We’re the only provider to offer an out-of-the-box integration between our IRT and SmartSupplies solutions that forecasts, labels, distributes, manages and reconciles clinical supplies.

Considering spreadsheets to cut cost and save time? Think again.

The power of CUBE™ transforms Signant’s IRT into a lightweight solution. It’s quickly and easily configured to support small Phase I studies, investigator-initiated trials and more.

What Our Experts Have to Say

Our goal is to make your IRT deployment process straightforward by taking a lightweight delivery approach to even the most complex requirements. Jim Primerano, Senior Vice President and General Manager, eClinical

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