Endpoint Quality

Maximize the accuracy and reliability of patient and clinician-rated endpoint data.

Remove uncertainty, take an evidence-based approach

Every study presents uncertainties—whether it’s the risk of inconsistent results or the lack robust effect sizes. Why not maximize your chances of success by ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your endpoint data? We offer unparalleled scientific and clinical expertise in patient selection, accurate and precise symptom measurement and efficient data acquisition. Our consulting team, comprised of the industry’s foremost experts, have a proven track record for international delivery of evidence-based methodologies to address therapeutic-specific challenges.

Rater Training & Data Quality Monitoring

Increase rater reliability, accuracy and calibration with our rater training and certification programs, central review services, and analytics.

Scientific & Clinical Consulting

Enhance the quality of outcomes data by working with our global team of in-house therapeutic area experts who take an evidence-based approach to address your study challenges.

Data Quality Analytics

Extract insights from your clinical data using our proprietary, evidence-based analytics. It identifies and interprets real-time risks (e.g., bias, errors, fraud, etc.) so you can remediate early.