TrialMax® eCOA/ePRO

A proven eCOA platform that leverages 20 years of
scientific, operational, and regulatory experience

Staying ahead of potential risks takes experience

The TrialMax® eCOA platform handles data quality considerations one step ahead of the pack. It offers the latest eCOA technology backed by extensive experience in science, operations, and regulations, across therapeutic areas and countries. TrialMax can be used for ePROs, eDiaries, eClinROs, eObsROs and sensors & wearables. It is globally accessible via app, web, or provisioned device; and supports any combination of provisioned device and/or BYOD strategies. It works alongside our eConsent and Patient Engagement solutions.

Ensure scientific
and clinical

Our scientific & clinical consultants are involved in every study to deliver endpoint quality. They work with instrument authors to ensure electronic equivalence, localization, etc.

Prevent hassles:
let us run your
global logistics

We ship devices from our warehouses across North America and Europe. Our in-house teams are experienced at handling customs and device requirements for 75+ countries.

Maximize your
global regulatory

For 20 years, TrialMax eCOA has collected primary efficacy endpoint data for study drugs that have been approved by both the FDA and EMA.

When it comes to eCOA – the patient experience matters. Studies show that even the best patients are prone to errors when forced to make time to record outcomes and diaries. TrialMax understands this, and make it as easy as possible for patients to provide timely, accurate and reliable PRO data from anywhere in the world. Watch the video and see how TrialMax ensures sponsors receive quality data they can trust.

Why TrialMax for ePRO

You can choose any device that’s right for your patients.

Our offerings include TrialMax Web, an online portal; TrialMax Touch, a provisioned smartphone; and TrialMax App, a BYOD solution. We also offer TrialMax Slate, a tablet solution for collecting site-based COA data. The offerings support any language, global connectivity, and offline app use.

It is optimized for usability across many patient populations.

The TrialMax eDiary has been robustly tested for usability and can be adapted for various patient populations, including those struggling with vision, fine motor control, and memory problems.

It comes with a robust reminder and alarm system.

You can schedule email, text message, or internal alarm reminders to boost timely adherence to diaries and medications.

TrialMax Multiple Modalities

Sensors & wearables can enhance your ePROs with real-world patient data

We offer out-of-the-box, regulatory compliant integrations to a range of devices including blood glucose and respiratory function monitors, and other external sensor devices. Sensor & wearable adherence can be improved by triggering data-driven notifications, reminders and alerts to patients through the TrialMax ePRO solution. Ask us how we can help you collect objective real-world data.

TrialMax will simplify your eCOA strategy

TrialMax comes with leading-edge tools for software design, training, and reporting, as well as clinical and scientific advisory services and a dedicated project management team to guide you—from study design to database lock.

Design & Equivalence.

TrialMax leverages our proprietary design tool, TrialSudio, to collaboratively build eCOAs for your study. If needed, we help you conduct equivalence testing to ensure comparability of data captured across different modes or devices.

Scale Management.

We support scale licensing or development, validation, testing, and all translation processes that ensure your instruments are culturally and conceptually equivalent. As needed, we offer linguistic and psychometric validation services, ensuring your chosen instrument is fit for its purpose.

TrialStudio, Collaborative Design Software

Logistics and helpdesk.

We manage device inventory and shipment globally. We also provide 24/7 helpdesk support for your patients and sites in over 150 languages. Helpdesk representatives are fully trained on each of our solutions and backed by managers with over 20 years of experience. Our helpdesk resolves over 90% of support calls on the first response.

Reporting & Analytics.

The TrialManager reporting interface provides exportable data and intuitive, color-coded dashboards to view study metrics; as well as, full audit trail capabilities.

TrialMax Reporting & Analytics

What Our Experts Have to Say

Clinical researchers choose TrialMax when they’re looking for the gold standard in data quality from a platform that’s optimized for patients and sites, coupled with robust scientific, operational, and regulatory expertise.Bill Byrom, Vice President of Product Strategy and Innovation

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