An advanced solution that enhances the accuracy and reliability of clinician-rated endpoint data

An eClinRO solution proven to deliver quality endpoint data

Set your study up for success with Signant Health’s eClinRO solution. It has delivered reliable endpoint data for more than 2,000 clinical trials ranging in size from 10 to 25,000 patients. It has been proven to significantly reduce rater errors in studies across multiple disorders by up to 80% (when compared to paper) and it has demonstrated a positive impact on placebo response, drug-placebo separation and effect sizes in multiple studies

Improves scale conduct and interview quality

On-screen guidance and alerts assist raters with administering the e-scales correctly. We also offer Rater Training & Data Quality Monitoring.

Identifies data inconsistencies proactively

Evidence-based edit checks alert raters when an e-scale entry requires review and audio/visual captured interviews can be remotely reviewed by independent experts.

Optimizes endpoint reliability for key outcomes

Our Scientific & Clinical Consulting and Data Quality Analytics solutions work seamlessly with Signant’s eClinRO to further boost data quality.

Why Choose Signant Health for eCOA/eClinRO?

Take advantage of the industry’s most advanced eClinRO capabilities to enhance data quality.

  • Scripting and logic is used to provide on-screen guidance and alerts to enforce administration conventions

  • Automated scoring is used whenever applicable

  • Evidence-based edit checks generate alerts prior to submission of completed scales

  • Integrated, secure audio/video of interviews can be captured and reviewed by remote, independent clinicians

  • Integration with Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) can also be implemented to collect and score eligibility assessments based on your study’s unique criteria

The solution is accessed by raters via a provisioned tablet device. An online web application is available when appropriate.

Enhance Your eCOA/eClinRO Strategy

Get leading-edge tools for software design, training, and reporting, as well as clinical and scientific advisory services and a dedicated project management team to guide you—from study design to database lock. A complete list of services can be found on the eCOA solution page.

Computerized Cognitive Assessments

Signant’s CDR System® (Cognitive Drug Research System) is a widely used, extensively validated and highly sensitive computerized cognitive assessment battery. It has bi-directional sensitivity and comprises a range of tests assessing essential cognitive domains relevant to everyday life activities and was designed for repeated use in clinical trials and at all stages of clinical development. 

What Our Experts Have to Say

TrialMax eClinRO enhances a clinical rater’s ability to administer high quality, reliable outcomes, improving the data integrity of complex CNS assessments.Dan DeBonis, Principal

We’re Ready to Help with eClinRO

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