Data Quality Analytics

A proprietary risk based monitoring solution that extracts insights from your clinical data

Gain Real-Time, Actionable Insights About Your Study’s Data Quality

The clinical data you collect is critical for your endpoints. Why not ensure it exceeds your quality standards?

With our Data Quality Analytics solution, you can. It uses advanced analytics to identify data inconsistencies introduced while your study is ongoing. It even predicts where they may arise before your study starts. Results are displayed in intuitive, color-coded charts and graphs, making them easy to interpret; and our Scientific & Clinical team will help you determine an action plan.

Identifies data inconsistencies in
near real-time

Statistical algorithms identify data quality issues such as bias, errors, fraud, etc. at the study, site, rater, and patient level.

Predicts which
sites and raters
may be at-risk

Predictive analytics identify which data quality concerns you should expect, so you can prevent errors before they occur.

clinical interpretation of results

We help interpret your results and customize a corrective action plan, which may include increased surveillance or an intervention.

Pinpoint Data Quality Issues Early and Correct Them Before It’s Too Late

Using our solution will allow you to evaluate data from a variety of sources including eCOAs, audio and video files, worksheet reviews, diagnostics, and IVR/IWR systems.

It can help you identify:

• Data fabrication

• Noise due to inconsistencies

• Poor raters and more

Chart Showing “Concern Rank” by Clinical Research Site

What Our Experts Have to Say

We use evidence-based algorithms to help you spot risks early and take action, so your data quality is never put in danger. Alan Kott, MUDr, Practice Leader, Data Analytics

We’re Ready to Help with Data Quality Analytics

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