Clinical Supplies

Manage randomization and an enterprise-wide clinical supply chain.

Get the right patients the right study drug at the right time

Ensuring that patients are randomized to the correct treatment and that the appropriate medication is assigned to the right patient and available at the right time is critical but no easy feat. Rising trial complexity continues to impact randomization design and IP management schemes; and making good clinical supply manufacturing decisions is complicated by protocol changes, undefined doses, unexpected recruitment rates, etc. It’s imperative that the technology you choose can handle these complexities, while giving you full control.


Trusted by leading life science companies for more than 20 years, this solution for managing randomization and clinical supplies deploys 2x faster than traditional IRT systems.

Clinical Supply Forecasting & Planning

Dynamically forecast and optimize manufacturing plans with this solution that also pairs with SmartSupplies® Inventory Management to offer full clinical supply chain control.

Clinical Supply Inventory Management

Digitally control, track and trace your enterprise-wide clinical supply chain and rest assured that full traceability for lot recall is never more than a click away.